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Natural Rutile Citrine Point

Natural Rutile Citrine Point


An essential addition to any crystal collection.


  • Abundance and Manifestation: Natural Citrine is renowned as the "Merchant's Stone," associated with abundance, prosperity, and success. The energy of citrine towers aligns with the Solar Plexus chakra, enhancing confidence, motivation, and the manifestation of goals and aspirations.


  • Positivity and Vitality: Citrine's joyful and uplifting energy dispels negativity, encourages a positive outlook on life, and infuses vitality and enthusiasm into your endeavors. Working with citrine towers can boost self-esteem, creativity, and overall energy levels.


  • Solar Energy Connection: Natural Citrine resonates with the energy of the sun, bringing warmth, light, and clarity to your spiritual journey. This activation of the Solar Plexus chakra, promotes personal power, leadership qualities, and a strong sense of identity and purpose.


Many believe that natural citrine carries unique metaphysical properties that differ from heat-treated citrine. Its association with solar energy, abundance, creativity, and vitality is believed to be more potent and authentic due to its natural formation processes and elemental composition. While heat-treated citrine can be visually appealing, it may lack the depth, authenticity, and metaphysical resonance of natural citrine.


Approximate Dimensions:

60mm x 14mm x 16mm

40mm x 18mm x 20mm

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