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Sunstone Point

Sunstone Point


Sunstone is a warm, energizing stone that's powerfully connected to the sacral chakra, unlocking passion, joy and creativity, boldly awakening you to and alligning you with your higher purpose.


Reverred since ancient times for its shimmery sunshine-like glow, caused by light refraction through haematitie and geothite inclusions, it's said to remind you of your own radiant light, reflecting it back to you when you need reminding of your infinite potential and power. The black tourmaline inclusions that can be seen within it's matrix also provide protective qualities.


Sunstone can also be used to work with the solar plexus chakra, boosting vitality, motivation, courage, strength and confidence. It is well-known for encouraging a positive outlook, and enhancing leadership qualities.


Holding a Sunstone point in your palm or placing it in your space infuses you with a surge of positive energy, encouraging you to pursue your goals with passion and determination. Use sunstone to co-create the life of your dreams, manifesting all forms of abundance into your life.


Approximate Dimensions:

43mm x 20mm x 25mm

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