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Pyrite Tower

Pyrite Tower


Beyond its sparkling appearance, often called 'Fool's Gold' for its resemblance to the precious metal, Pyrite is a symbol of abundance and manifestation, empowering ambition and fostering determination. 


Linked to the solar plexus chakra, pyrite assists in stoking your inner fire, inspiring confidence, creativity, willpower, and the steadfast pursuit of your aspirations.


  • Abundance and Prosperity: Pyrite is a symbol of wealth and abundance. Its golden hue and reflective surfaces resonate with prosperity consciousness, attracting opportunities, success, and financial stability.


  • Confidence and Willpower: Pyrite is a stone of confidence and empowerment, boosting self-esteem, willpower, and assertiveness. Its strong energy encourages taking action, overcoming obstacles, and manifesting goals with determination and resilience.


  • Vitality and Creativity: The energizing properties of Pyrite stimulate creativity, passion, and motivation. It invigorates the mind, enhances focus, and sparks innovative ideas, making it an ideal companion for creative endeavors and problem-solving.


Approximate dimensions:

50mm x 17mm x 18mm

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