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Druzy Pyrite Tumble

Druzy Pyrite Tumble


These druzy pyrite tumbles are the perfect pocket or purse companion to connect you to your hopes, dreams and aspirations. They’re also a wonderful confidence and vitality boost, whenever you need it

Gleaming with metallic luster, these sparkling druzys, showcases the golden radiance of Pyrite, often called 'Fool's Gold' for its resemblance to the precious metal. Beyond its sparkling appearance, Pyrite is a symbol of abundance and manifestation, empowering ambition and fostering determination. Known as a protective stone, it shields against negative energies while promoting mental clarity and vitality.

Linked to the solar plexus chakra, pyrite assists in stoking your inner fire, inspiring confidence, creativity, willpower, and the steadfast pursuit of your aspirations.

Tumbles are available with the option to download our New Year Intentions guided meditation. This meditation is specifically crafted to work with the fiery energy of pyrite.

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