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Moss Agate Obelisks and Towers

Moss Agate Obelisks and Towers


Moss Agate is a soothing, balancing and uplifting stone. Known as the Gardener's stone, it's the embodiement of Mother Nature's treasures and helps us connect to nature's powerful, humble and ever-changing potential.


An obelisk is a tapering four-sided tower of stone, with a pyramidal apex. The pointed pillar of the obelisk acts a vessel to transport, concentrate and then release and distribute energetic vibrations within their environment causing energetic shifts. Since ancient times it has been believed they release 'pent-up' earthly energy into sacred space and represent energy transfers between our material, earthly roots and subtle energies of the etheric field and divine soul. 


Approximate minimum dimensions: 70 mm height, 20 mm2 base

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