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Himalayan Quartz Towers

Himalayan Quartz Towers


These stunning Himalayan Quartz towers were mined and carved in Himachal Pradesh in India, a mountain state in the Western Himalayas.


Himalayan quartz is a rare and highly sought-after form of quartz, formed in the tallest and most iconic mountain range on the planet. Himalayan quartz is considered an extreemely high vibrational crystal that helps awaken inner clarity, promote a deepening spirtual awareness and fascilitate profound meditation experiences. It is associated with the crown chakra and thus work with our higher states of consciousness. Like all quartz, it is an energy amplifier with cleansing and purification properties. 


Each tower is an individual 8-sided piece of unique height and thickness.


Approximate minimum dimensions: 120 mm height, 24 mm base

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