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Chakra Healing Crystal Collection

Chakra Healing Crystal Collection


This 7-stone kit contains a crystal to help you work with the unique energy of each of the body's primary chakras. In doing so, we can connect more deeply to the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental qualities of each of the chakras, helping us to uncover blockages and fascilitate deeper healing.

Each kit comes beautifuly boxed and includes a premium-quality printed identification and key properties card for quick reference as well as an in-depth downloadable explanation for each specially chosen crystal.



Red jasper - Root

Carnelian - Sacral

Golden Tiger's eye - Solar Plexus

Green aventurine - Heart

Angelite - Throat

Sodalite - Third eye

Amethyst - Crown

Each of the crystals contained are unique, high quality and consciensciously sourced, measuring up to 40mm in diameter. As with all natural items, varying sizes and appearances are to be expected. This contributes to their unique appeal, showcasing the inherent natural beauty and diversity.

Please note the selenite charging plate pictured is not included but is available for separate purchase.

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