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Carnelian Palm Stone

Carnelian Palm Stone


Carnelian is the crystal of energy and vitality, ingnitity passion and empowering creativity.


Visually it displays a rich range of colors, from deep oranges and reds to subtle hues of yellow and brown, its translucent to opaque nature often revealing intricate patterns and swirls. Within it holds the fiery energies of sacral chakra activation unlocking passion, sensuality, motivation, and personal power.


If you're seeking to reignite your creative spark, enhance your motivation levels, or infuse your life with more passion and courage, Carnelian can be your go-to crystal. Its warm energy uplifts the spirit and encourages you to pursue your dreams fearlessly.


Connecting with Carnelian can awaken your inner artist, motivator, and visionary, empowering you to take bold steps towards your goals. Reach for carnelian at times of stagnation, apathy or fear, allowing its transformative potential to infuse you with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life's endeavors.


The palm stone shape makes it an ideal tool for energy work, meditation, and daily empowerment rituals. Its smooth, rounded surface fits snugly in your palm, allowing you to connect intimately with its energies.


Approximate Dimensions:

55mm x 40mm x 20mm

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