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Faceted Crystal Bead Bracelets (4 mm)

Faceted Crystal Bead Bracelets (4 mm)


Explore our range of Faceted 4mm Bracelets:

These 4mm faceted bracelets are so dainty yet striking. The faceted design refracts lights beautifully, creating a real sparkle.

Pink tourmaline

Rose quartz

Pink moonstone

- Pink tourmaline - a compassionate and soothing stone associated with the heart chakra, it is said to help with emotional balance, particularly anxiety. Due to it commonly being formed in quartz masses, it is also believed to carry amplified energy. Pink tourmaline is also used for its protective qualities.

- Rose quartz - a well known and popular favourite. Rose quartz is also closely connected with the heart chakra and as such can assist in all matters of the heart. It is the stone of love, empathy and kindness, helping to promote and strengthen all types of love and loving connection. It nourishes hope and can help emotional healing.

- Pink moonstone - holds all the qualities of moonstone but with a deeper association with the power of the Divine Feminine and all things associated with love, romanticism, sensuality and fertility.

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