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Amethyst Pine

Amethyst Pine


Amethyst pines are beautiful and unique crystal formations occuring when amethyst clusters grow in elongated, branching structures, resembling the majestic pines of ancient forests.


Amethyst is a potent stone that brings a sense of ease, peace and clarity, leaving us feeling soothed, and calmed with a greater sense of emotional balance. It is well known for its spiritual properties and connection to intuition, enhancing psychic abilities and spiritual awareness, making it a powerful tool for Third Eye chakra work and meditation.


The tranquil energies of amethyst, are radiated beautifully in this formation, its soothing vibrations calm the mind, uplift the spirit, and invites a sense of deep relaxation. A perfect addition to your sleep, relaxation or meditation space.


Approximate Dimensions:

35mm x 40mm x 35mm

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