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Amethyst Obelisk

Amethyst Obelisk


Amethyst is a potent stone that brings a sense of ease, peace and clarity, leaving us feeling soothed,  and calmed with a greater sense of emotional balance.


It is said to aid restful sleep and promote relaxation, helping us connect to deeper wells of inspiration and connect to our purpose.


An obelisk is a tapering four-sided tower of stone, with a pyramidal apex. The pointed pillar of the obelisk acts a vessel to transport, concentrate and then release and distribute energetic vibrations within their environment causing energetic shifts. Since ancient times it has been believed they release 'pent-up' earthly energy into sacred space and represent energy transfers between our material, earthly roots and subtle energies of the etheric field and divine soul. 


Approximate minimum dimensions: 80 mm height, 20mm2 base

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